Ok, ok, ok, so we’re not selling 3 boilers for a pound but, we may have got your attention!

The cold hits old and tired boilers hard. Like us humans, they groan, they moan and they get to a point where they think ‘do you know what, I’m just not firing up today… I’m done’.

Then it’s a trip to the scrap yard where they not so much meet their maker, but live out the rest of their life being turned into something else shiny and new.

Our job can be very sad and upsetting, it’s not suited to everyone that’s for sure.

With a heavy heart we have to remove the old faithful flame throwing pleasure giver and with no time to grieve the loss of their metal friend, we upgrade it with a brand fire new shiny replacement that works better, looks better, provides even more warmth, more hot water and offers a guarantee that would outlive most turtles.

Save the planet, enjoy a better performance, contact Leeds Boiler Company. πŸ¦Έβ€β™‚️


We have a great range of boiler packages available. Packages are grouped together as Silver, Gold and Platinum. Each option includes the chosen boiler along with standard installation (for your peace of mind we will confirm the required installation when we visit you prior to any quotation being approved by yourself/ yourselves).

Take a look at our boiler packages here…

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